Business security

SIBUR International wishes to warn the customers against payment transactions to ineligible persons issuing modified invoices for payment of goods via e-mail on behalf of SIBUR International.

Please be aware that SIBUR International has revealed several facts of unfair actions of sending via e-mail of invoices on behalf of SIBUR International with modified bank details. Such e-mails have been sent to SIBUR International customers by unauthorized persons using very similar e-mail addresses, such as «», «».

SIBUR International would like to inform its customers that its official domain is sibur-int.comand any correspondence received from other mail servers may be initiated by unauthorized persons who are not related to SIBUR International or its affiliates.

SIBUR International bears no responsibility for possible damages arising out or in connection with correspondence received from any other domains except for

In case you receive any invoices or e-mails to your address from any addresses conformable to domain, we kindly ask you to inform us at this e-mail address prior to make any payments or take any actions requested therein