Butyl Rubber

Butyl rubber (IIR) is an isobutylene copolymer with a small amount of isoprene. Butyl rubber is highly resistant to oxygen, ozone, and solutions of acids, alkalis and salt. It is nonreactive with such oxidizing agents as lime chloride, potassium permanganate and dichromate.

Elasticity of butyl rubber is increased by long-term heating in the air up to +100°C. At the temperature from +180 up to +200°C it can be extruded. Elastic properties of butyl rubber are maintained up to −55°C.

Butyl rubber is widely used in construction, technical rubber industries for production of anticorrosion, sealing, waterproof coatings, mastics, pastes, glues.

Grade Mooney viscosity, МL 1+4 (100ºС) Unsaturation, mole per cent Tensile strength, MPa, min Elongation at brake, %, min
БК-1675Н/IIR-1675 51±5 1,4-1,8 13,0 450

БК-1675Н / IIR-1675

БК-1675Н / IIR-1675 butyl rubber is a product of copolymerization of isobutylene and isoprene with unsaturation 1.4-1.6 % (mole), added with unstaining antioxidant


Product form
Bales of white color
Corrugated containers on wooden pallet (540 kg net weight) or plastic containers (540 kg net weight)
Storage conditions
IIR-1675 rubber is kept indoors at maximal temperature +30 ºС. In storage rubber shall be protected from dirt, direct sun rays and atmospheric precipitation.
Shelf life
one (1) year since the date of manufacture
Transportation by any mode of transport.


  • Production of automobile inner tubes (riding tubes)
  • Coating of rolls and chemical devices
  • Hoses (hose products)
  • Cable insulation
  • Production of curing diaphragms
  • Technical plates


  • «SIBUR Togliatti LLC»


Safety data sheet (216 kB).
Specification (413 kB).