29 September 2020

SIBUR announces senior appointments aimed at developing the Company's management and strengthening the executive team in key business areas.

2 September 2020

SIBUR's POLIEF site in Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan, launches the production of green PET granules, which, among other materials, will rely on some 34 kt of recycled plastics annually. PET flakes derived from used food packaging will serve as an input for primary polymers.

26 August 2020

SIBUR has published its Sustainability Report that covers the Company’s 2019 operations and performance related to HSE, human resources, local communities, R&D, investments, etc. This is SIBUR’s fourth Sustainability Report, which is a testament to its consistent and comprehensive approach to promoting non-financial reporting, as well as the focus on information transparency and constructive dialogue with stakeholders.

27 July 2020

SIBUR has diversified its export supplies of polypropylene and polyethylene to China by leveraging Russia’s rail transportation infrastructure. Until 2020, the Company mainly relied on sea transportation to ship its products to the region. Today, thanks to China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, products from our Tobolsk and Tomsk sites are also supplied to Chongqing and Chengdu by rail.

1 July 2020

SIBUR Holding, Russia’s largest integrated petrochemicals company, announces it has raised USD 500 m following the offering of 5-year Eurobonds on the Irish Stock Exchange. The coupon rate is 2.95%, which is a record low for Russian corporate issuers. The coupon will be paid twice a year. The Eurobond proceeds will be used to optimise the Company’s loan portfolio and for general corporate purposes.

28 May 2020

Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) made at SIBUR-Khimprom in Perm has been certified under the European Pharmacopoeia standards for the medical and pharmacological industries.

21 May 2020

The Company decided to establish a Sustainable Development Committee of the Board of Directors.

29 April 2020

NIOST, SIBUR's R&D centre, has developed new low-density polyethylene (LDPE) grades that can be used in packaging for infusion solutions.

21 April 2020

SIBUR is ramping up trial production of thermoplastic elastomers (SBS polymers) at its Voronezh site in accordance with the project schedule. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a unique material, which can significantly improve the quality of output in road construction, roof coating and footwear production, and other industries.

20 April 2020

A new issue of SIBUR for Clients is now available on the Company's website. The main topic is the situation in the petrochemical market during the COVID-19 pandemic.