We would like to warn you on high scammers` activity on the petrochemical market, who try to spoof real sellers` e-mails to convince buyers of making payments to false bank accounts. They may forge invoices and send them to buyers from seemly authentical e-mail addresses.

The risk is especially high for customers, who have their accounts on the "open" 3-rd party mail servers.

Even if you receive an e-mail with an invoice from correct appealing e-mail address, pay attention to the address that pops up, when you click the "reply" button in the mail client interface. It should be the same as the first one. For SIBUR International those contain a correct domain (sibur-int.com or sibur.ru) and look approximately like this: smithjj@sibur-int.com (not, for example, like those: smith.sibur-int@some.dom or smith@sibur-int.su).

If suspicion arises, please, make a request using the known e-mail address (or phone number) of the manager of SIBUR International working with you or any of the e-mail addresses specified on the company’s official website (compliance@sibur-int.com, office@sibur-int.com).