Dear Customers and Partners!

PJSC SIBUR Holding hereby draws your attention to the actions of fraudsters who illegally introduce themselves as SIBUR employees and send fictitious commercial offers on its behalf - to purchase products of the Company's enterprises at low prices, or to purchase equipment, goods and materials from a contractor under a direct supply agreement without a bidding procedure and deferred payment.

To mislead, lawbreakers create spoof websites (for example:,, of the official information resource of PJSC SIBUR Holding and SIBUR International, and publish false information in the "Contacts" section, as well as register companies whose names are consonant with the Holding's subdivisions, but have no relation to them (for example, "SIBUR International ТОО"). To send mailout, they use domains similar to the official ones (for example, ""), register accounts in social networks (for example,

Customers are sent falsified statutory documents, sender email addresses are changed (they imitate the official messages of the current employees, on whose behalf the spam mailout and subsequent communication is carried out).

Fraudsters carry out all communications only by e-mail and phone.

To protect yourself from fraud and prevent possible material damage, we recommend that you be guided by the following:

  1. PJSC SIBUR Holding neither sells its products under agent-based schemes or through third parties, nor sends e-mails and SMS with the list of products and price lists;
  2.             In the case of standard deliveries and purchases of products, the Agreement shall be signed by a representative of the transaction initiator, acting under a power of attorney or by authority.
  3.             All phone numbers and e-mail addresses (domain names) sending offers to purchase products of PJSC SIBUR Holding must be verified with the information posted on the official website of SIBUR ( and SIBUR-International (;
  4.             Employees of SIBUR International carry on business correspondence from e-mail addresses registered in the corporate mail domain;
  5.             Do not use the electronic links contained in the messages sent to you, as they can lead to spoof websites;
  6.             If necessary, request a personal meeting and negotiations with the manager at the office of SIBUR/SIBUR-International;
  7.             We recommend calling the office of SIBUR International at +43 1 370 8000 to contact the sales manager with whom the correspondence was carried on, or who send the first offer of cooperation;
  8. If you detect any differences in the domain name in the correspondence, or any other suspicions arise, please send a request to the email address of the manager from SIBUR International you are working with, or to the email address indicated on the official website of SIBUR International. Do not use email addresses and phone numbers specified in the received message for verification.


The enterprises of PJSC SIBUR Holding are not responsible for possible risks associated with the use of any information from unverified sources.

If you suspect that you have been in contact with alleged fraudsters, please send information to the hotline email address

Attention! Fraud against our clients

We would like to warn you on high scammers` activity on the petrochemical market, who try to spoof real sellers` e-mails to convince buyers of making payments to false bank accounts. They may forge invoices and send them to buyers from seemly authentical e-mail addresses.

The risk is especially high for customers, who have their accounts on the "open" 3-rd party mail servers.

Even if you receive an e-mail with an invoice from correct appealing e-mail address, pay attention to the address that pops up, when you click the "reply" button in the mail client interface. It should be the same as the first one. For SIBUR International those contain a correct domain ( or and look approximately like this: (not, for example, like those: smith.sibur-int@some.dom or

If suspicion arises, please, make a request using the known e-mail address (or phone number) of the manager of SIBUR International working with you or any of the e-mail addresses specified on the company’s official website (,