We would like to draw your attention to scammers who have scaled up their activities in the petrochemical market offering to buy products of leading petrochemical companies. They usually present themselves as employees of big manufacturing companies or their agents. All communication is only held by email or telephone. It has also been established that scammers may use email addresses similar to domain names of large companies.

Please keep in mind the following information to protect yourself from scammers:

All telephone numbers from which the calls come and email addresses (domain names) from which offers to buy products of PJSC SIBUR Holding are sent must be checked against the data posted on the company’s official website: www.sibur-int.com. It is also advisable to make a verifying call to the company’s head office at +43 1 370 8000 and get in touch with the sales manager who has been communicating with you or made the first call offering cooperation.

SIBUR International employees are required to maintain correspondence from email addresses registered in the corporate email domain *@sibur-int.com. should any suspicion arise, or if any differences in the domain name (for example, @sibur-int.su) are revealed, it is advisable to send a request at the known email address of the manager of SIBUR International working with you or any of the email addresses specified on the company’s official website (compliance@sibur-int.com,office@sibur-int.com).

The email addresses and telephone numbers contained in the message from potential scammers should not be used for verification purposes.