Moscow, 21 May 2020. The Company decided to establish a Sustainable Development Committee of the Board of Directors.

The Committee will be responsible for:

  •  taking part in shaping and implementing the Company’s 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy and publicly promoting ethical, transparent and sustainable business practices; and

  • monitoring that the Company’s activities are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

The Committee will coordinate the management of sustainable development risks and opportunities, enhance SIBUR's business reputation, investment appeal and relationships with stakeholders, and indicate that the Company puts a special focus on sustainability and recognises its strategic importance. 

Establishing a designated committee of the Board of Directors is the best practice among international leaders in sustainability. The Committee will contribute to improving the efficiency of the Company's activities in this area and advise the Board of Directors on the matters of sustainable development. 

In 2019, the Board of Directors of SIBUR Holding adopted the 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.
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