Moscow, 30 April 2014. SIBUR has successfully completed the second recertification audit of its corporate environmental management system for compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 requirements, conducted by Bureau Veritas Certification Rus (BV Certification).

The assessment by BV Certification included recertification and certification audits held from 3 March until 4 April 2014 at SIBUR's head office in Moscow, Muravlenko GPP (a branch of SiburTyumenGaz), Togliattikauchuk, SIBUR-PETF, SIBUR-Neftekhim, BIAXPLEN (Kursk branch), and Zapsibtransgaz.

The auditors highlighted SIBUR’s prioritised focus on environmental protection and energy efficiency programmes and praised the successful implementation of technical re-equipment projects aimed at improving safety and efficiency and reducing environmental footprint.

The BV Certification auditors were also impressed by the extensive use of automated process controls at the Company’s facilities, management’s expertise in corporate environmental management, and employee awareness and engagement aimed at introducing better environmental management practices. The level of employee commitment was confirmed by the Best Kept Site competition among departments and strong environmental culture demonstrated both during and outside working hours. The auditors also recognized SIBUR’s efforts in introducing lean manufacturing tools and a small improvements approach as part of the SIBUR Production System project.

Based on the audit results, the corporate environmental management system of SIBUR Holding has been deemed ISO 14001:2004 compliant and recommended for certification for another 3 years.

SIBUR’s management will use the key takeaways from BV Certification’s audit to continue the efforts aimed at improving the environmental management system and ensuring environmental safety at the Company’s businesses.

For Editors:

SIBUR has been taking consistent and comprehensive measures to improve the environmental safety of production facilities and reduce their environmental footprint. Each enterprise of the Company has dedicated annual and long-term environmental programmes in place, including those aimed at water resources conservation, waste treatment, air protection, establishment and authorisation of sanitary protection zones (SPZ), and corporate Business For Environment programme.

In line with the Company’s Environmental Policy, in 2008 SIBUR introduced the ISO 14001:2004 compliant corporate environmental management system (CEMS).

In 2011, Bureau Veritas Certification Rus performed a recertification audit of the corporate environmental management system at several SIBUR’s enterprises, after which the CEMS was recommended for ISO 14001:2004 certificate prolongation up to 2014. The main objective of the CEMS is efficient management of significant environmental aspects through setting and achieving goals of environmental impact reduction.

Bureau Veritas Certification Rus is an independent certification body of quality management systems. The company has been offering a full range of services on certification and training to clients representing various industries in more than 100 countries since 1988. Clients in Russia include LUKOIL, Tatneft, Rosneft, Uralmash, Ilim Pulp, Transaero, SUAL, Severstal, Mosenergo, and others.