Moscow, 5 September 2014. SIBUR has received notification that Yauza 12 has acquired 17% in SIBUR Holding, previously beneficially owned by entities under control of Gennady Timchenko. Yauza 12 is wholly owned by Kirill Shamalov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of SIBUR.

Following this transaction, Kirill Shamalov’s ownership in SIBUR Holding increased to 21.3% as he already held shares granted to him through the Company’s senior management incentive programme.  

Following completion of this transaction, the ownership structure of SIBUR as at 5 September 2014 is as follows:

  • Leonid Mikhelson – 50.2% 
  • Kirill Shamalov – 21.3%
  • Gennady Timchenko – 15.3%
  • Current and former managers of SIBUR Holding (excluding Kirill Shamalov) – 13.2%