It is a by-product of butyl alcohol and 2-ethylhexanol production, a mixture of aliphatic alcohols, C4, C8 (up to 60%) containing impurities of ethers, aldehydes and other higher boiling components.

AEC. Alcohol-ether concentrate
Useful information
  • about 50% + is a mixture of butyl and isobutyl alcohols. Other components are a mixture of esters and alcohols.
  • Motor octane number method: about 71
  • HS Code: 3811190000
  • Designed for use as a solvent, a multifunctional oxygenative additive for improvement of antiknock gasoline rating and enhancing the phase stability of gasoline-alcohol fuels, as well as for other purposes.
  • Sibur-Khimprom (the plant is located in Perm)