Moscow, 7 November 2019. Darya Borisova has been appointed as a new member of the Management Board and Managing Director of SIBUR. She will head the Joint Department of Development and R&D established in order to better align SIBUR’s innovation and development projects with the needs of customers. The department will comprise Business Development, Strategic Innovation, and Research and Development functions, along with the NIOST R&D centre.

Before joining SIBUR, Darya Borisova was Senior Partner at McKinsey. One of the founders of the firm’s petrochemical and oil and gas practice in Russia and the CIS, she led McKinsey's expert team for operational and investment efficiency improvements across industrial companies in Russia, CIS, Turkey, Middle East and Africa. Darya has extensive experience with SIBUR projects aimed at improved operational efficiency and transformation of functions such as Supply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing, Capital Investments, and Digitalisation. Darya graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University, and the University of Toledo, USA. She holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry.