Moscow, 21 April 2015. SIBUR has approved a new logo design as part of its rebranding campaign.

For SIBUR, this is the first logo change in its 20-year history. Previously, the Company had two logo design versions, using either the name SIBUR or a stylised Latin S and a tree leaf located in a triangular with the name SIBUR in the same font. The new logo will only contain the name SIBUR in an updated font style.

The key concept idea behind the new logo is an icebreaker, which reflects the Company's ambition to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles. "Any brand evolution is the story of the company's changes and achievements. Established 20 years ago, SIBUR has since then grown into the industry leader steadily pursuing its line," said Oleg Makarov, SIBUR's Managing Director.

The logo is the first stage of SIBUR's rebranding campaign, which will be a phased process scheduled for the next two to three years. All elements of SIBUR's corporate style will be subsequently changed, with the Company's corporate documents, website, corporate media, printed products, merchandise, and product packaging gradually acquiring the new look. In the future, changes will also be introduced to the corporate uniform, vehicles, interior and exterior of the Company’s buildings. The bulk of rebranding activities will require no additional costs as they will be part of SIBUR’s fixed assets replacement and scheduled repairs at production sites.

The Russian and English versions of the new logo are available here.