SIBUR is the largest associated petroleum gas (APG) processing company in Russia, and producer of light hydrocarbons. SIBUR enterprises process over 50% of associated gas received from Russian oil companies.

SIBUR gas processing enterprises and gas fractionation plants manufacture a wide range of high-quality products:

— Liquefied hydrocarbon gases: Propane(C3Н8), N-Butane (C4Н10), Iso-Butane (i-C4Н10), Propane-Butane Mixture (LPG-Mix, SPBT);
— Pentanes (C5): N-Pentane (C5Н12), Iso-Pentane (i-C5Н12);
— Stable Natural Gasoline (Light Naphta, BGS);
— Natural Gas Liquids (NGL-SHFLU).