Slawomir Mikulski
Sales executive, Hydrocarbon Feedstock
Diasamidze D.
Sales Manager
Vladimir Zhgun
Sales manager
Lukasz Handke
Sales manager
Lasha Bortsvadze
Sales Manager

SIBUR owns and operates Russia’s largest integrated transportation and processing infrastructure for associated petroleum gas (APG) and natural gas liquids (NGL). It is also one of the biggest exporters of NGL fractionation products.

We offer the following products mainly used by the fuel and petrochemical industries:

  • propane (C3Н8), n-butane (C4Н10), isobutane (i-C4Н10), technical propane-butane mixture;
  • n-pentane (C5Н12), isopentane (i-C5Н12);
  • stable gas naphtha;
  • NGL.