Dear Customers

Having finalized the 2010 registration, the work on REACH compliance moved to a new level. We now monitor ECHA requirements [set to dossiers, Only Representative (Gazprom Marketing & Trading France), e-Safety Data Sheets, developed for all products and substances exported to EU countries and stay complied.

During 2011 we updated the e-SDS inventory twice. This was related to including registration data and chemical safety report data into SDS. Duirng 2011 we also updated the data sheets after new ECHA guidance on SDS was released. We have continued this work into 2012 and new SDS, as they are released, will be sent to all customers together with other documents.

To confirm registration no obligatory certificate or any other document is required either from the producer or from the customer. All you need is the e-SDS with the substance registration number located on the first page in the Registration column.

If the extended safety data sheet (e-SDS) does not include your type of use, please inform us via, and we will immediately update the relevant section in the data sheet.

Please, send us your feedback on additional safety precautions used at your production site, but not listed in the e-SDS, and disposal methods of substances of very high concern (SVHC) used at your production sites. This is critical information needed to update the SDS under the requirements of your production site.

In implementing REACH, our main goal is not only compliance itself, but also providing qualitative information support to a customer. We will consider any of your requirements and provide you with the most complete information.